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They genuinely care.

Shaneon Mar 01, 2021 

I didn't buy my Generac Generator with Generator Exchange but they were the only generator business came through when I needed help. Unfortunately, I bought a generator at a different Generac business in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have kept up with routine maintenance and never had issues that required a service technician until the freeze in January 2021. I called for assistance countless times and never got through to a representative or was sent to a messaging service to leave a message. My wife suggested I call other Generac Businesses in the area. I wasn't expecting a call back from anyone since my contract was with a different store, but GENERATOR EXCHANGE CALLED ME BACK 20 MINUTES LATER. They even followed up with me after scheduling my appointment. I can't begin to explain how comforting it was to get that phone call. Aaron was there the next day and knew exactly what to do to fix the issue. as soon as my yearly maintenance contract is up, I am switching my service to them.

Best I have ever spent!

Clay Nealon Feb 25, 2021 

In 2018 after going trough flooding in 2016 and of course, again in 2017. We live in an old neighborhood of old house and big yards and trees surrounded by new subdivisions. Now I love my little old 70s house but after 3 remodels in 5 years you get a little grumpy about the normal problems that comes with having wooded lots. You get power outages I have had small gas generators cause my birthday is in September so for my first birthday I got Hurricane Carla for my birth day and Ike for my 48th. Never one big enough not to be miserable but enough to keep us out of the store Stone Age. Afte the last time of the power going out long enough to say okay break out the generator and once again fighting to get it started for the usual hour or so, I say that’s it I’m too old and grumpy to fight this anymore call the generator guy.
We called Generator Exchange and they came out looked at my house and said here’s the size you need and what we need to put it in. No over sell no high pressure just a nice visit. Now was it more expensive than this old cheapskate I am. But it was better than the others and I just flat liked their sells pich better so we did it.
For you guys out there who like a neat organized workshop or wish you had one. You’ll see heave when open the installation truck it was a thing of beauty, and everything they needed was there no oh sorry we can’t finish we have to go back and get parts. The crew were polite professional and above all fast while making the install finished results look great. With in a month we had are first all night outage. If I hadn’t had to turn my tv back on I’m not sure I’d have know it was out at all. Since that I have said several times. That’s the best money I ever spent. During the freeze of 2021 when power was off for 26 hours during a time the temperature never got above 30, we turned the thermostat down to 67 made room for my son and his family who’s neighbor went 3 days of outages. We had a cozy get together watching cartoons with the grand kids ( much better than watching people points figures at each other on the news) I don’t have any tattoos but if I get one it will say “Generator Exchange Best Money I ever spent”

Superb Company and People

Joseph Chernowon Jul 19, 2019 

I spent much time getting and evaluating 4 bids for installation of a 20-22kw stand-by whole house generator. This Company was the only one that met my requirements for time to install, price and attitude of the owner. At least one of the other bidders lied about installation requirements and lead time.

Russell was straight forward, informative and totally honest in my dealing with him.

Aaron and his associate, Greg, installed the unit yesterday, finished in less than 8 hours and were professional, efficient, informative and courteous to the max.

I rarely post reviews but I recommend this Company without hesitation.


Dub Niederhoferon May 17, 2019 

Aaron and his crew showed at exactly appointed time and did a very professional job on the installation. I was impressed and very pleased with the detail they took on all phases of the work. They were knowledgeable on the product and were willing to help us understand the operation. Would certainly recommend them to anyone !!

A-1 top notch company !

David Velenon Apr 24, 2019 

I had my stand by generator professionally installed by Generator Exchange, can't say enough good things about this company . Very good experience, very knowledgeable employees and all around did a fantastic job. I highly recommend them for your generator needs.

The Best Around

Anthony Melladoon Aug 30, 2018 

I'm so glad I found these great people! I needed a new service company for my Generac Generator because the guys I was using before were terrible. I called a few companies but Generator Exchange was 100% friendly, helpful, kind and fair from the start. They corrected the mistakes the previous company made and explained everything in detail. Love these guys!

22kw Generator

Fredon Feb 03, 2018 

The installation guys were on time and did a perfect job, They were pros and the new generator is great. It is pretty much an all day job and they left my home clean and now with Power back up, 2K square foot home and now I can run every thing from this machine, Very good job.

Highly Recommend!

Carlon Jan 14, 2017 

Generator Exchange is fantastic. I put in a request for a consult on Home Adviser and Russell called me in less than 2 minutes. I had his quote by 5:00 PM that same day. Three other companies called me over the next few days to schedule quotes. One was almost twice as much as Russell's for the exact same thing. The others were also higher. Additionally, Russell was the only one who was really able to answer all of my questions since he is an electrician with decades of experience. The other companies sent "car salesmen" to my house and basically wasted my time. Pick Generator Exchange, get a quote and get an install. Save your effort and time and shop smart with Russell.

My neighbor is getting one now as well. Generator Exchange has a price guarantee and nobody really cam close.

Job Well Done

Ronon Dec 01, 2016 

Very knowledgable sales guy and a great group of guys that did the installation. I highly recommend this company for your generator needs. I would definitely use them again and would not hesitate recommending them to anyone. Thanks to the whole team for a job well done!

Stand by generator

Debbieon Oct 18, 2016 

Excellent! The company installed my generator in 4 hours, excellent company. The employees were very friendly, considerate and fantastic to deal with. The owner of the company is great. He will go out of his way to make sure that you are taken care of. He is a.great person to deal with.

GeneratorExchange , USA 5.0 5.0 18 18 I didn't buy my Generac Generator with Generator Exchange but they were the only generator business came through when I needed help. Unfortunately, I bought a generator at a diffe